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“Home is not just a property - it's an emotion”, the second you step into one, it becomes a part of you, it determines your mood, your lifestyle, the time you take to get to work or school etc... So, for most people buying or renting a home is not an easy task - it needs thorough planning, it must please both the buyer and his/her family (if they are not single). There are a few parameters that needs to be taken into consideration before one wants to buy a home or sell a home or rent a home which will be mentioned below.


Economics drives everything, if you want to sell a home or buy houses you must know how much the home is worth, it's usually determined by the land value in that particular area plus the square feet. As there are many houses for sell in India so we must also consider the age of the home, furnishing, tile work, and its proximity to the city centre also contribute a significant amount towards the price. If you want to buy a house you must take in consideration the appreciation value, certain areas are bound to grow further in population and develop extravagantly due to the huge projects in the vicinity, so one can know for sure the land value of the houses which are for sell is going to double or quadruple depending on the duration and location.


Renting Property or Buying Property purely depends on the distance it takes to get to work for most people, no one wants to travel an enormous distance from their residence to work especially, when they are renting, so if you work in a very remote or suburban area your rent prices might fall considerably if one decides to live there. If you are someone who prefers to be in the middle of the city and don't care about the transit timings, then the rent is definitely going to be on the higher side and those areas you get home for sell at high prices in India. While proximity to bus stands, malls and school are only going to increase the value of your home when you decide to sell it.


If you are a bachelor and don't use much of the materials then space really won't be an issue when someone like you decides to buy a home or sell a home, but for a family of 3-4, a larger home to accommodate their growing kids is a necessity. A larger built up area is definitely going to require a bigger budget, but if proximity to the city centre is not a major requirement then maybe one could find a larger home for a smaller price in a suburban locality. If you are planning to sell your home - the bigger it is the larger the price tag would be, but it can be a disadvantage in some places if the home is a little too big to be maintained for a regular family of four or Five. These type of spacious homes for sell must be published online and get connected with many REAL ESTATE Agents.


Comfort doesn't seem like a word that would be associated with a home does it? But it can be, each home is made to serve a particular purpose other than shelter, some homes have lawns, which will help if you have a dog or small children who would like to get out and play, if you love gardening or grilling, a garden is a necessity. If you have a big family with a couple of cars, a parking space is imminent, if you care a lot about security - a gated community will suit you, but if you are a recluse and all you require is peace and quiet, then you will prefer a home in the middle of nowhere, so comfort should also be taken into account if one decides to buy a home.

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